Robert T., Westborough

Like one of those ‘hot-shot’ lawyers you see in the movies. Mike knocked it out of the park!” 

Luke S., Worcester

“Mike was successful in getting a jury to find me innocent of my charges simply because of his KNOWLEDGE OF THE LAW, professionalism, patience, understanding and guidance. He is the only Lawyer I will ever call. I would highly recommend him… IF YOU WANT THE BEST.” 

– Jim S., Marlborough

“Attorney Murray was recommended to me from another well-known, seasoned and experienced criminal lawyer. It was by far the best recommendation I’ve ever received. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. I was facing 6 different charges against me and attorney Murray was able to miraculously have them all dismissed.* IF YOU ARE FACING CRIMINAL CHARGES OF ANY KIND, YOU WANT MIKE TO REPRESENT YOU. During several different court appearances, I overheard other defendants in the court room say ‘I want him to represent me!’, after seeing his work first hand. He really is that good at his job! His professionalism, attention to detail and his knowledge of the law are outstanding!*”

– Terry O., West Boylston

“Mike, Once again, thank you so very much. NOTHING CAN SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH. What can I say that so many others have not already? Attorney Murray *KNOWS* the law! He was not only very professional, he was also very reassuring. When you need someone in your corner, he really has your back. He was on point at all times. I cannot thank this man enough. He truly takes care of his people. I do not say the word client because to him you do not feel like just a client. You truly feel that he has a vested interest in your outcome. Once again Mike….*YOU ARE THE MAN!*

– Carl W., Mendon

I can see what 20 years of being a defense lawyer brings to the courtroom. ON A SCALE OF 1-10, I GIVE MIKE A 10! This was one of the best experiences I have ever had in a court of law.

– Matt M., Hopkinton

Attorney Murray exceeded my expectations in every possible portion of his representation. He was professional, friendly, courteous and responsive. His knowledge of the law and the courts made all the difference. I would give him the highest recommendation to anyone.”

– Adam L., Framingham

MIKE IS AN OUTSTANDING LAWYER. He is intuitive to his client’s wants and needs. He will fight for what you want against all circumstances.”

– Ryan H., Shrewsbury

ATTORNEY MURRAY IS AN INCREDIBLY SKILLED LAWYER. He is professional, responsive and honest. Throughout the entire process he kept me informed and let me know what my options were. When it came time for my trial, he helped ease some of my anxiety by letting me know what would happen that day in the courtroom. THE RAPPORT THAT ATTORNEY MURRAY ESTABLISHED WITH THE JURY AS HE ENGAGED THEM IN THE TRIAL WAS AMAZING TO WATCH. HE WAS EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL AND RESPECTFUL WITH ALL MEMBERS OF THE COURTROOM, AND HAD AN INCREDIBLE AURA OF CONFIDENCE IN HIS WORK. AFTER THE TRIAL, WHILE IN THE LOBBY, ONE OF THE JURORS EVEN APPROACHED US AND COMMENTED ON WHAT A GREAT JOB HE DID WITH THIS CASE. I would highly recommend him!

– Jennifer M., Westborough

“Attorney Murray knows what he is doing. He gets all the facts and presents everything in crystal clear language, then puts all your options out there and does what’s in YOUR BEST INTEREST. I would 100% hire him again. He does excellent work.”

Shaun S., Shrewsbury

Unfortunately I have had several legal problems over the past few years and have been represented by different attorneys, and each time the attorney(s) failed me miserably. I had planned on representing myself this time around, but with limited understanding of the legal system about this charge I decided to hire another attorney, while still expecting less than positive results. BUT, this time I did my research and located Michael Murray. I called him, received free legal advice regarding my situation without any pressure at all to hire him, and then I just trusted his words (I could tell he knew the law and the “system”) and I hired him. I am a Manager of a large firm and Mike was more professional than everyone I work with. Let me cut to the chase, I NOW HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION ABOUT ATTORNEYS. YOU JUST HAVE TO FIND THE RIGHT ONE… AND IT’S MIKE. The last words the Judge said to me today were, “you’re free to go”, (preceded by a thumbs up by Mike in the courtroom after he spoke with the other powers to be). God willingly, no more legal troubles for me – but if something happens, Mike is the only person I would ever consider. He’s the closest non-fictional person I could compare to 007. (Bond). Bottom line, the money I spent was a pittance compared to where I may have landed.”

– R.C. Watertown

I want to thank you for all of your help and guidance. You truly were a blessing and helped not only me but my future. I’m going to make sure to write a fantastic review on your website and will be sure to get your name out there. I found out about you through word of mouth from an ex friend so I know how powerful word of mouth is.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Amberly P., Hopkinton

I CAN’T POSSIBLY THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR YOUR SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE… Mike represented me in a recent case. I can’t say enough about how satisfied I am with his representation and the final outcome.  He responded immediately to all of my questions and concerns and exhibited extreme professionalism in every interaction for the duration of the case.  His understanding of the law and trial experience are unparalleled.  He won’t just settle a case; he’ll go the distance. I highly recommend him.”

Dave H., Auburn

Mike is a great lawyer. I really feel that he fought for me. I am very happy to have had him for my lawyer. GREAT JOB!

– Sean D., Holden

Mike, Both Eric and I want to thank you for your service. You are very professional and also showed a real interest in Eric’s situation almost as if family, for these reasons we say Thank You… we feel you were more than a lawyer but a concerned friend.

– Steve and Eric S., Connecticut

You lived up to what you conveyed and regardless of the verdict I would have gone down knowing you made an argument, took the fight and gave it your best shot. I am very happy for both my family, myself … I thank you once again and in that you can trust that Michael Patrick Murray will be a name I associate with great legal counsel. I wish you and your family all the best and my heartfelt thanks, if there is anything I can do to return the good fortune don’t hesitate to contact me…

– Robert T., Westborough

ATTORNEY MURRAY WAS INCREDIBLE! He knows the law and executes it flawlessly.”

– Jarrod H., Shirley

I don’t even know what to say…. your defense of me was absolutely amazing! Please use me as a reference and give out my cell #: (978) 726-7752 to anyone that may be doubtful. I will be so happy to not just recommend you but demand that they use you. I have NEVER been so happy with any service I have ever received (in any field), truly amazing! I could not be more satisfied. Thanks.

– George B., Shrewsbury

Michael is a Home Run attorney! He possesses excellent character and intellect. He honestly and thoroughly explains the legal process to you, but at the same time puts you at ease. He won a very difficult case for me. He is willing to do what it takes to win…CALCULATING…GUTSY…CARING.

– Teresa S., Sutton

I took some time to process the new and wonderful chance that you have provided me, it takes some time to realize just how lucky I am. Your excellent representation of my case has afforded me more opportunities to continue with my life, with my family, and my work. There was really no time during my case that I thought I would actually be incarcerated due to observing your demeanor although I knew that it was definitely a possibility. Somehow I knew that your expertise in the courtroom, explaining your tactics to me and my wife would prevail in this particular case. As far as recommending you to anyone in the future I would be remiss not to bring your name, reputation, and expertise up to anyone that requires excellent, non-judgmental representation.”

– Peter F., Shrewsbury

Great lawyers give clients more than they pay for. Mike is a great lawyer. Good lawyers try to deliver, great lawyers DELIVER and that’s what attorney Murray did for me in my case. He’s fast thinking, well organized, and projects confidence. I highly recommend attorney Murray! Thanks again!

– Ryan K., Framingham

Dear Attorney Murray, with sincere gratitude and warmest thanks, for the way you handled my husband’s case. Thank you for the high caliber of your professionalism. You saved my life and my children’s lives. Sincerely

– Margaret M., Ayer

I could not be happier with Mike’s performance. If I come into any difficult times in the future, Mike will get the call. I am very pleased with Mike and his professionalism throughout the case.”

– Joe B., Marlborough

Mike did a FANTASTIC job. If you need a defense lawyer in Massachusetts – you need to call THIS lawyer.

– Ken M., Southborough

Attorney Murray has the education, long professional experience, well developed skills and professional legal capability to study, analyze and effectively deal with complicated legal issues and procedures, intricate legal rules, prepare and present the best legal defense the most experienced and sophisticated lawyer can provide. I personally affirmatively endorse Mike without reservations.”

– M. M., LLM (Doctor of Laws), Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kampala, Uganda

“Like one of those ‘hot-shot’ lawyers you see in the movies. Mike knocked it out of the park.”

– Luke S., Worcester

To anyone looking for a top notch lawyer, Mike Murray handled my 27 yr old son’s OUI charge, from the onset he was assuring and confident. When I found out what had actually happened and the severity of the charges my son had against him, I was certain that at a minimum he would loose his license to operate a vehicle, and possibly go to jail. As it turned out my son kept his license and really got a slap on the hand, his ability to challenge the police not one or two but three so called “experts” plus the DA Mike’s knowledge of the law was quite frankly astonishing!!! To put it in simple terms;) while the police & DA were playing checkers mike was playing chess!!! Out classed them at every turn. If your involved in a serious charge and think there’s no way out, call Mike and put your mind at ease, he always called me back w/ answers to any of my worries no matter what time of day it was. I Christopher Larson strongly recommend you call his law office, professional, personal and he makes you feel YOU are his only case. 5 star rating is an understatement 100 stars is a better score, thank you mike I’ll recommend you to anyone in need of a real lawyer………. can’t thank you enough!!!!

– Christopher Larson, Brookfield, MA

Thank you Mike! You are clearly well-known and respected in the community. We know we had the very best of the best. We are happy to give you the very highest recommendation!

– Mary L. Northborough*

This is a note to express my gratitude to Attorney Murray for handling my case with a level of professionalism and commitment that made the journey bearable. His upbeat and honest communication, his willingness to speak to you and his smooth style made sure that all players were amenable to the case. His commitment to the case is not only admirable but a credit to his profession.”

– Sajid K., London, England

Mike is an outstanding lawyer. He is right-on and he does what’s best for you. Thank you.”

– Alicia L., Worcester

Mike got me a great deal. I thought I was going to jail but somehow he got both cases dismissed. Not only was he absolutely thorough but eased my tension by explaining everything. I recommend that you strongly think of using him.”

– Phil K., Grafton

I was greatly pleased with the services presented to me with utmost satisfaction and would [recommend] Mike to any and all with personal legal matters.

– Nate P., Shrewsbury

Thank you VERY much for your expert help. I DID have the BEST defense lawyer on my side 🙂 YOU ARE A GREAT ATTORNEY & A GREAT PERSON. It was my pleasure to have met you & my good fortune to have you defend me. I am working hard at getting back in the game- for me & my mom & I will accept nothing short of success. My mom & I thank you very, very much. Thank you again Mike! All the best.

– S.G., Framingham

Mike worked beautifully. He is a master of words. Without him I would be lost. I am grateful for his help. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

– Al L., Southborough

MIKE IS ONE OF THE BEST LAWYERS EVER. He did everything in his power to help me and let me move on with my life.”

– Lamonte C., Easton

MIKE IS AN INCREDIBLY GOOD ATTORNEY. He helped me when I didn’t think it was possible. He is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

– Leah M., Shrewsbury


It is obvious you are a skillful and brilliant attorney based on how well you handled my case inside and outside the court room. You cornered the prosecution’s case with your expert cross examination skills. HUGE win for me, thanks to you!”

– Sebastian E., Worcester

“I would highly recommend Mike to represent you as an extremely responsive attorney. I have hired Mike on a few different occasions he has stood by me and saw each case through until the end. I was always more than happy with the outcome. So, to whomever is reading this in search for great representation, there is no need to look further, Michael Murray is by far the best counselor I have ever had. Thank you Michael.”

– Craig L., Berlin

“Mike walked me through a very difficult situation and delivered results that could not have been better. He is kind, professional, and caring. Not only did he explain my rights, the law, my situation, and the alternatives, he did so in a way that assured me of his complete competence and calmed my anxiety. I WOULD RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE THAT REQUIRES THE BEST LEGAL REPRESENTATION AVAILABLE.

– John L., Westford

THE BEST LAWYER IN THE WORLD! Thanks for everything. I appreciate it a lot.”

– Emerson P. Framingham

“I highly recommend attorney Mike Murray. He is thorough and highly motivated. Attorney Murray fought hard on my case and I assure you he will do the same for you. Hard working, unparalleled knowledge of the law; this is the attorney Murray you need to represent you. I thought my case was lost but attorney Murray proved to me that a great attorney is he.”

– Darren R., Dublin, Ireland

“My OUI case went on for a while and had a whole series of legal issues and motions. Thankfully, Attorney Murray was always on top of everything and always kept me totally informed throughout the legal twists and turns. He fought very hard for me. On the day of my trial, I walked into the courtroom with a glass is half empty attitude. Although I had faith in Michael, bad stuff can and does happen at trial. About an hour later we were back in the courtroom. Michael got the case dismissed. I could not really hear the judge but watched the clerk write dismissed next to my name. I never even went to trial! To say I was relieved would be a huge understatement. I highly recommend Attorney Murray to anyone in my position without reservation. It is little wonder that he has possibly the best track record in the business. I AM GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!!!

– Bill C., Marlborough

Mike is a great defense attorney. He made sure I was comfortable and aware of my rights. Mike did the best work.

– Juli P., Worcester

Mike took my daughters Assault & Battery (A&B) case from an altercation at the Palladium, and he fought this case tooth and nail. Mike won 2 motion to suppress hearings that ultimately won this case for my daughter. He never gave up, always showed up on time and if Whitey Bulger had Mike on his side, maybe he would be free today! Thanks Mike.

John A., Pembroke

I just want to say thank you very much to Mike for the wonderful job on defending my case against the Massachusetts State Police. I thank the lord for giving me an excellent lawyer for my defense. Thank you again and God Bless you.”

– Maria S., Framingham

Mike Murray quickly jumped in and took control of a bad situation. He clearly knew the courses of action, the law and how to best proceed. He was level headed, straight forward, responsive and efficient. Once I hired Mike, I knew I would get the best possible outcome. Mike made sure that happened – MY CASE WAS DISMISSED. I would recommend Mike Murray to anyone for any situation. He looks out for his clients and gets great results.”

– Christina S., Southborough

Having Attorney Murray represent me made a very stressful situation very easy. He was thorough and confident. I was in the very best of hands. I am grateful for Mike’s expertise and knowledge. Thank You.”

– Sharon H., Westborough

“When my family member came home and said they had been arrested for a serious criminal offense I was heartbroken. I needed to hire an attorney for him fairly quickly. I contacted Mike Murray who called me promptly and, FROM THE BEGINNING EXHIBITED GREAT PROFESSIONALISM, COMPASSION AND GENUINE CONCERN. I REMEMBER HIM TELLING ME ON THE PHONE THAT DAY “I KNOW IT FEELS LIKE THE END OF THE WORLD TO YOU RIGHT NOW BUT I PROMISE YOU IT IS NOT.” HE LIVED UP TO HIS PROMISES AND EXCEEDED THEM. Of course there was no guarantee of a favorable outcome but looking back now we could not have asked for a better defense attorney. Mike is experienced, knowledgable, highly successful and leaves no stone unturned. He worked on our case for nearly 23 months filing multiple motions to work on getting damaging evidence withheld prior to trial. He was successful in his efforts to get the evidence suppressed in my family member’s case as well the cases of several others going through the legal process at the same time. Mike also is mindful of the “bigger picture” in the legal arena. Through his successful efforts at suppression of breathalyzer results highlighting the questionable scientific validity and reliability of the breathalyzer test equipment in these cases he has also aided in the judicial system for others accused of criminal offenses. Due to the success of his motions to suppress evidence the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office (as of this time) is no longer accepting the results of the breathalyzer testing of anyone accused of these criminal offenses. This has a huge impact on many people to help ensure that they are treated fairly in the judicial system and that only evidence that can be proven to be valid and reliable is entered into their cases. Mike guided us through the entire process with thorough, reliable information and options throughout the case. He answered questions, gave his advice and handled everything for us. We didn’t have to do much other than show up for court appearances. He represented us tirelessly and was amazing during the bench trial with the judge. His defense approach was smooth and he interacted professionally and cordially with all the court staff and the judge. The finding of not guilty on the more serious charge was a huge relief and we truly got the best outcome we could have ever hoped for. Due to Mike’s assistance my family member has a clear criminal record and is able to pursue his hopes and dreams and rebound from a bad situation. We are forever grateful for this new opportunity. We make sure to tell everyone about him and how amazing a job he did with our case. He is a great attorney and a genuinely nice person. I highly recommend Mike Murray without reservation.”

– Elizabeth K., Northborough

“Michael is an attorney you can count on. He is a terrific lawyer, professional, well prepared, great up to date knowledge of the law, and has a terrific courtroom presence. If you need an attorney, he is the one.”

– Adam K., Esq., Wellesley

“I highly recommend Attorney Murray. HE IS PROFESSIONAL, THOROUGH AND VERY GOOD AT WHAT HE DOES! He is also very friendly and easy to do business with. Thanks for everything Mike.”

– C.J., Grafton

Attorney Murray is a Lifesaver.”

– Ed. B., Shrewsbury

Mike did a great job with my case. Totally hassle free and great service. Always responded in a timely and professional manner.”

– Ron K., California

“Being from out of state, I needed to find myself a Massachusetts attorney. I met with attorney Murray & felt at ease right away. Attorney Murray was aggressive and effective and always called me back. I would recommend attorney Murray to anyone who needs an attorney.”

– Amy G., Connecticut

“Michael was extremely professional. I was able to focus on my family and job knowing he was involved. Michael is the person if you wish for THE BEST REPRESENTATION.”

– Ray M., Maine

“I have had the privilege of Attorney Murray taking my case. He sincerely fought for my best interests throughout the case. I have every confidence in his abilities and strongly recommend his services.”

– Faith N., Worcester.

“The State had a very strong case against me. I was looking at a mandatory 18 months in jail. Mike worked his magic and I was found NOT GUILTY.”

– Tricia K., Worcester

Mike is highly recommended. He went above and beyond… I will use Mike and recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you so much!

– Christopher T., Worcester

Attorney Michael Murray, is the best defense attorney I have seen in action, his knowledge of the law was very impressive, and quoted without any hesitation. Attorney Murray, also new the questions and statements to make and ask, along with what not to say. My recommendation, if anyone ever needs a defense attorney for an OUI, would be to hire Attorney Murray without any hesitation or second thought, and listen to him, and everything will work out.”*

– Paul Z., Ashland

Thank you Mike for helping my son… in having his case dismissed. The argument you made was clear to the court.

– Elsie L., Framingham

Mike represented me and he did a GREAT JOB!”

– David G., Westborough

Mike is one of the best lawyers I have ever had. He is a very good person. He will go out of his way to accommodate his clients and he will fight for you. Overall, once he is your attorney he will feel like a friend and make you feel comfortable.”

– Melvin F., Westborough

Mike did a great job on my case and I will tell anybody about the great job that he has done for me.

– Ricky O., Hopkinton

I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney; Mike is the first person I am calling if I ever need legal advice or counsel. Mike clearly explained each step of the process and made me feel extremely comfortable and confident about my trial. He delivered 100% on every promise he made and took care of everything concerning the case for me.

– Saima Y., Woburn

“Thanks to Mike he was able to clear ABSOLUTELY everything. Very well done.”

– Steven Lahlou, Bedford

“Mike, My sincere thanks for all your help these past weeks.

This life changing event has been difficult – and continues to be – but without your knowledge and experience we would have truly been lost. I’ve worked with a few attorneys in my day, professionally and privately (a few as relatives & friends too) and you’re one of the best. Rest assured that I will remember all that you’ve done and won’t hesitate to call upon you again for situations that may arise in the future. I’m sincerely pleased to recommend your services to anyone seeking advice or representation. I know you’ve done your part and the rest of the work is up to us. Thanks again for your expertise and professionalism and for making this phase go so smoothly.

Here’s wishing you a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.

All the best,”

Mike F., Southborough

Mike was/is the best attorney ever! He was able to get my charges dismissed so my record is able to stay clean. I am so grateful for him!!! Thank you.”

– Sarah B., Boylston

The representation I received from attorney Murray surpassed my expectations. Mike approached my case as if he was the defendant in this matter and was fighting for himself. The way that Mike addressed every single aspect of my case really impressed me, for the simple fact that not many attorneys really care for their client’s well-being in a trial. I couldn’t be more happy with Mike and his representation and would strongly recommend his services to anyone looking to acquire legal services. You will not be disappointed.”

– William S., Worcester

Mike, Thanks for all you did for me for my case – I so appreciate your expertise and support in an area I am not familiar with. I would recommend you without hesitation to anyone who needs the best to represent them. Having gone to court and seeing other attorneys – I am so grateful you were available to take my case. Thanks so much. Very Best regards.”

– Lynn R., Westborough

Thank you very much for taking care of my criminal case regarding about my ex wife’s. I would like to send to you my appreciation for your working hard in the courtroom. The case was dismissed and I was proved innocence. Thank god I had you to represent me.

I am highly recommend and refer you to my friends and family whoever needs an attorney to represent in the future. You are extremely knowledgeable in the field and how to deal with complex issues which can arise in the court setting.

Again, thank you very much and best wish to you and your family.”

– Tony N., Worcester

I had the pleasure of being represented by Mr. Murray. He was not only very professional but extremely personable. I was active duty military at the time of the accident, that being said my time was borrowed. That wasn’t a problem for Mr. Murray, He made sure everything was at my convenience. The settlement he fought for was exceeded my expectations. Between his knowledge, promptness and overall customer service Mike has my highest recommendation.

– Vinnie A., Waltham

I would like to thank you for the WONDERFUL job representing me in court. The final judgment was life changing for me and my family. Thank you so very much.”

– Mark D., Uxbridge

I recommend Mr Michael Murray for his service. I had a great and positive experience. Thank you Sir.

– Mohammed Mejaour, Grafton

“Mike pleasantly exceeded all my expectations in successfully getting a full dismissal of charges leveled against me for a restraining order violation. Prior to my case making it to trial Mike made an articulate appeal to the judge about the circumstances of my case resulting in an immediate dismissal ruling. Fantastic!!!! Great result, thank you Mike.”

– Eric B., Bolton

Now I know all that CAN be done WILL be done with you in my corner!! YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST LAWYER I HAVE SEEN SO FAR!! ON A SCALE OF 1-10, I GIVE YOU A 10+!

– Chanjay A., Shrewsbury

Thank you so much for being there today with my son. We could not of asked for a better outcome. You have been great every step of the way. Thank you so much!!!

– Kathy F. Burlington

Mike is the best attorney I have ever had or have ever known. I was facing a charge that would have changed my life if I had been convicted. Not only was I not convicted, but the case was dismissed without even going to trial. I can never describe the amount of appreciation I have for Mike. He is extremely knowledgeable, an expert navigator of the law, and he conducts himself very professionally with the district attorney and the court system. There aren’t enough stars on this review site to capture what an amazing person and attorney that is Mike. I am forever grateful.

– Marcus, Northborough

Let me just say would not be possible without your effort and guidance or how well you handle the case I COULD NOT HAVE ASKED FOR BETTER lawyer THEN YOU to represent. As briefly discussed you WILL be part of the venture we started … Rest assure you are and will be our first choice for legal matters among my friends and family. We will talk soon...”

– Ifti B., Medway

Mike is very professional, knowledgeable, respectful and always available 24/7. He understands laws, procedures and regulations by memory and most importantly has the experience for more than 25+ years. I felt very confident with him by my side. He is extremely worth the time to speak to.”

– Solomon Choi, Westborough, MA

Mr. Murray represented me and my wife in a recent case. I cannot say enough about how satisfied I am with his representation and final outcome. He responded promptly to all of my questions and concerns and exhibited extreme professionalism. His understanding of the law and his demeanor during my trial was very impressive. I highly recommend him.”

– Erik Coldwell, Grafton, MA

Your handling of my recent court case made me most grateful that I had you as counsel. From the beginning I knew that you recognized me as a person, not as a docket number. You listened, and heard me, when I described my situation, asked questions to better understand a somewhat complicated history. You never assumed anything. When I needed to speak with you my calls were returned and your attention was 100% on me during the call. This provided the opportunity for me to bring new information to you in timely fashion, receive answers to my questions, and so importantly made me know that you saw the whole of me.

I appreciated the manner in which you approached my defense, measuring it against a broad knowledge of the law, and able to recognize unique points that differed from the average case. You created a defense that was solid, with a unique approach to which the other side had no response. Many lawyers well-schooled in case law depend on how cases were handled in the past, but lack your ability to blend law history, with the present, very effectively.

I actually had seen you in the courtroom before becoming your client. You clearly were professional, worked quickly but never in a hurry, brought a sense of calm and focus to any situation, were respected by all in the court… Extremely well done, thorough and professional. Thank you again, Attorney Murray, for representing me in this case.

– Joseph L., Shrewsbury