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Sealing of Criminal Records and Expungement

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Recent Petition to Seal Criminal Record Results:

On Tuesday, 19 September 2017,  Petition to Seal Criminal Record Allowed: In Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Defendant, Docket No.  1167 CR 0222,  our Petition to Seal Criminal Record was ALLOWED. Our client’s prior criminal record has been sealed and excluded from public access.*

The existence of a criminal record as a result of a criminal conviction can have far reaching collateral effects on employment, education, civic opportunities and even housing.

An individual seeking to seal a criminal record may petition to seal that criminal record. In Massachusetts an individual must wait at least 10 years from the last misdemeanor conviction and 15 years from the last felony conviction to petition to seal records. If you were convicted of an offense which is no longer a crime e.g., Possession of a Class D Substance; you may seek an immediate petition to seal your criminal record.

Upon sealing of your criminal record you can respond: “no prior record” to inquiries concerning the same. All inquiries to the commissioner of probation should meet with the reply of “No record exists.”

Expungement of your Criminal Record

There is an important distinction between Sealing and Expungement. Expungement is the order for the removal and destruction of the criminal records such that no trace of the criminal record remains. Sealing of the criminal records refers to an order to segregate certain records from court activity to assure confidentiality to the extent noted by statute.

Expungement is a much less likely alternative for the removal of a criminal record. Expungement is typically the remedy in cases of identity fraud or identity theft.

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