About Mike Murray

mike-murrayI have been practicing law as a criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts for over TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. There is little that I have not seen in my quarter century of practicing law. There is no substitute for experience and you cannot rush experience.

I have won over EIGHTY PERCENT (80%) OF MY TRIALS. I have negotiated thousands of successful deals or plea agreements and won countless outright dismissals on behalf of my clients. I have been named a “TOP 100 TRIAL LAWYER” by The National Trial Lawyers and I have been identified as a “Superior DUI Attorney” by the National Association for DUI Defense. As a result, I am flattered to present to you scores of five star client testimonials on this web site.

Find and attorney who you feel comfortable can communicate your position to all of the people who work in and around the courthouse. Judges, prosecutors, probation officers and police officers are just people. In most instances they are extremely professional and compassionate people sometimes with difficult jobs and decisions to make. Hire an attorney who understands each individuals’ place in the system and can effectively advocate your situation to them.

I have been successfully advocating with Judges, prosecutors, probation officers and police officers for over TWENTY-FIVE YEARS, and I would be happy to do the same for you.

Innocent people are accused and convicted of crimes every day. Even people who have admittedly committed a crime are often charged with and convicted of much more severe crimes suffering much harsher penalties as a result.

If you have been accused of a crime, you are in a battle against the Government and resources of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Thus, you face a prosecution team of attorneys backed by the resources of the Government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with a single purpose — to get a conviction.

Without an experienced criminal defense attorney fighting for you, you are in an unfair fight. You should act fast and act decisively to protect your rights. Don’t wait to take action.

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* Counsel does not guarantee the same or similar outcome in your case.